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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kuzhambu Milagai Thool/ Kulambu Powder.

Kadalai Paruppu/ Bengal gram-25gms
Toordal/ Thuvaram Paruppu-25gms
Kundu Milagai/ Whole Dry red chilly-100gms
Dhaniya/ Coriander seeds-300gms
Seeragam/ Cumin seeds-5tsp
Milagu/ Whole black pepper-5tsp
Vendhiyam/ Fenugreek-1tsp

Sun dry the above ingredients for 2 days or dry roast each ingredients separately in a kadai. Allow to cool and grind in mixer to a fine powder. This Kuzhambu thool can be used to prepare Vathal kuzhambu, Puli kuzhambu or any Non-veg kuzhambu. This can be stored for many months.


Sangeetha Subhash said...

Lovely recipe...We do something similar too!!!

Vrinda said...

something new to me,great recipe dear

VS said...

Looks so good. I can smell the lovely flavour M. :-)

Gita said...

I have never tried adding channa and toor dhal to this podi...will try out your version next time when I make this podi :)

Sureshkumar Punjhayil said...

Nice one.. Thanks for sharing it...!
Best wishes...!

Anonymous said...

pls come n collect ur award from my blog dear

Priya said...

We do similar but i never prepared here, my Mil will parcel everytime where i need for..

Abhilash said...

Is this a masala kootu for some dish?

I did not understand its use.

Mythreyi Dilip said...

Thakyou all for your lovely comments.

Hi Abhi, we used to make puli kuzhambu at home, we use this powder to prepare it. I'm not sure what they call in Malayalam. It is a thick tamarind gravy used to mix with steamed rice.
You can also use this powder to thicken any kind of gravies:)

Shri said...

Great pic Mye!Isn't this Sambar powder..or similar shud I say?

Mythreyi Dilip said...

Hi Shri, Sambhar powder is different from kuzhambhu thool, this powder is used for making Kuzhambhu and other gravies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mye,

Thanks a ton for posting Kuzhambhu thool... I will definitely be preparing this tomorrow itself....Thanks once again:)


Anonymous said...

I made this kuzhambu powder and used it in prawn kulambu from your blog. Prawn kuzhambu was excellent. And Kuzhambu powder was very easy to make.