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About Me

About me

I'm Mythreyi Dilip a young mom, devoted wife and loving daughter. Raised from traditional Chettiar family, married to a loveable sourashtrian who loves to eat, I'm greatly influenced by western cooking and eagerly waiting to cook for my little one as her taste buds are still developing, my passion and love for cooking is never-ending.
I started cooking at age of 10, my first preparation was a perfect shaped crispy dosa which was greatly appreciated by my mom and my grandma. They were my first motivation and inspiration towards cooking. Cooking was in my blood, my mind revolves around food 24 hours, no this not exaggeration, I love food and I live for food. 

I started in May '2009, as an hobby to record and show others what kind of cooking I can really do in my kitchen. My blog was great hit and is still running with grand success showcasing on all kinds of cuisines, recipes and cooking methods.

My passion for food and cooking took me to new heights by media appearance, awards and crowning as chef. But I know I have lot more potential than what I could think of.

My mom and grandma, gracious Chettiar ladies spent most of their time in cooking and handicrafts. With growing family and its needs my granny lived in various parts of Tamilnadu and my mom after marriage moved to Chennai forever. As I grew up and my marriage life in US brought me wide visibility about international cuisines and thereby started its influence in my kitchen.
I always wanted to record and preserve my granny's handcrafted Chettinad recipes and I thought the right time has begun now, I enquired and learnt lots of traditional Chettinad recipes from my mom, as my grandma is no more I tried to preserved her handwritten authentic recipes as much as possible and also traced lots of traditional recipes from my relatives too.
You can expect a variety of authentic Chettinad and South Indian recipes in this blog and with my touch of restaurant style Chettinad recipes too.
I would like you to travel with me through my chettinad cooking experiences too and try out these recipes, your feedback are greatly appreciated as they are my motivating factors.


bhuvi said...

I love your passion cooking mam..! we hope that yu would upload more recipes to share with us..! something easy n new to cook witg simple ingredient..:)

Mythreyi Dilip said...

Thank you Bhuvi. Sure will post more simple recipes soon.....