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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Schezwan Vegetable Noodles- Indo Chinese recipe.

This delicious Szechuan noodles recipe is very simple and easy to make with minimal ingredients.

Schezwan Vegetable Noodles

Veg Noodles or Egg Noodles- 1 packet( 150 gms)
Cabbage shredded- 1/4 cup
Green beans- 5 nos( thinly sliced)
Carrot small- 1 no( julienned)
Garlic cloves- 3 nos( minced)
Whole dry red chilli- 2 nos
Ajinomoto- less than 1/4 tsp
Red chilli paste- 1/2 tbsp* or Red chilli powder- 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil- 2 tbsp

Schezwan Noodles
Cook noodles as per instructions on carton box or wrapper and set aside.
In a wok or sauce pan heat 2 tbsp oil, when oil is hot add whole dry red chilli and garlic. Sauté until red chilli turns brown.
Add cabbage, carrot and green beans to the wok and sauté vegetables on high heat.
Sautéd vegetables should retain crispiness.
Now add the cooked noodles and give a stir, season noodles and vegetables with red chilli paste, ajinomoto and required salt.
Give a good stir until vegetables and noodles are well blended on high heat.
Serve hot Schezwan vegetable noodles along with chilli chicken or cauliflower manchurian of your choice.
Szechuan noodles recipe
*To make red chilli paste
Boil dry red chillis in water until the chillis are soft and water turns red in color. Remove chillis from water and grind chillis to smooth paste along with few tbsp of vinegar and oil.

About 30 red chillis, 3 tbsp vinegar and 5 tbsp oil will yield 1 cup red chilli paste.
This red chilli paste can be refrigerated and stored for 1 month.

Fish Fry Recipe/ Vanjaram Meen Varuval.

How to make Hotel Fish Fry Recipe/ Vanjaram Fry.
Vanjaram Fish Fry
Vanjaram( Seer Fish) slices- 1/2 kg( 1 pound)
Kashmiri Red chilli powder- 2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Chicken masala or Meat masala powder- 2 tsp
Cornflour- 2 tbsp
Lemon juice- 1 tbsp
Salt- 1 1/4 tsp
Oil required
Seer Fish Fry
Clean and wash the fish slices and set aside.
Make a smooth masala paste out of red chilli powder, chicken masala powder, turmeric powder, cornflour, lemon juice and salt( if required 1 tbsp water can be added to make paste). 
Spread this masala paste generously on fish slices and allow the fish slices to be marinated in the masala for 1 hour.
Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan or tawa, when oil is hot place the fish slices on the pan and cook the fish slices both sides until golden brown in color and crispy. 
Serve hot fish fry with Steamed rice, Sambar and Rasam.
Fish Fry

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ellu Sadam/ Sesame Rice.

How to make South Indian Ellu Sadam Recipe.
Ellu Sadam
Cooked rice- 2 cups
Salt to taste

To make Ellu Podi/ Ellu Powder
( roast and grind below ingredients to coarse powder)
Ellu/ Black sesame seeds/ Black Til- 1 tbsp
Black peppercorns- 1 tsp
Whole dry red chilli- 2 nos
Roasted peanuts- 1 tbsp

For tempering
Gingely oil- 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Urad dal- 1 tsp
Channa dal- 1 tsp
Curry leaves- few
Whole dry red chilli- 2 nos

Sesame rice
Heat gingely oil in a pan, when oil is hot add mustard seeds and allow to crackle. 
Add the channa dal, urad dal and whole dry red chilli, fry until golden brown. 
Add curry leaves and ground powder, fry for few seconds on low heat. 
Now add the cooked rice to the frying powder and season with salt. 
Mix well so that rice is well blended with Ellu powder. 
Serve hot with Appalam or Vadam.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kerala Fish Stew/ Meen Moilee Recipe

Kerala Fish Stew Recipe

Any variety of fish( I used Vanjaram/ Seer fish slices)- 1/2 kg( 1 pound)
Onions medium-1 chopped
Tomato small-1 chopped
Ginger-1" inch julienned
Garlic-6 cloves thinly sliced
Curry leaves- few
Green chilles-2 broken into half
Red chilli powder-2 tsp
Turmeric powder-1tsp
Salt to taste
Thick Coconut milk- 2 cups
Coconut oil required
Fish Stew
Grind the shredded fresh coconut to smooth and fine paste
Clean and wash the fish slices. 
In a small bowl mix 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder and 1/4 tsp salt, mix with 1 tsp water and spread this red chilli paste on fish slices and set aside for 2 minutes.
Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan, when oil is hot place the fish slices on the pan and cook on both sides for 1 minute( fish slices should be half cooked). Remove the fish slices on to a plate and set aside.
Heat 2 tbsp oil in same pan add cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. 
When the aroma of whole spices raises add the chopped onions, green chilli, ginger and garlic. Saute until the onions turn pink, then add the tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes are mashed. Add 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, required salt and a cup of water. Bring the gravy to boil, when the stew starts boiling add the half cooked fish slices and thick coconut milk and simmer for another 5 mins.( Note after adding the coconut milk do not cover pan with a lid because coconut milk tends to curdle). Serve hot with Steamed Rice or Idiyappam or Parota.
Meen Moilee Recipe

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mealmaker Pakora/ Soy Pakoda.

Meal maker pakoda

Soya chunks/ Meal maker- 2 cups
Ginger and Garlic paste- 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder- 1 1/2 tsp
Garam masala powder- 1 tsp
Lime juice- 1 tsp
Cornflour- 3 tbsp
All purpose flour/ Maida flour- 3 tbsp
Red food color- few pinches
Water required
Salt to taste

Soy Pakora
Soak soy chunks in hot water for couple of minutes, when they become soft drain them from water, squeeze soy chunks and set aside.
In a medium sized bowl add ginger and garlic paste, red chilli powder, Garam masala, lime juice, cornflour, all purpose flour, red food color and required salt.
Make a smooth paste out of above masala mixture by adding very little water.
Add the soy chunks to this masala paste and mix well until the masalas are well coated on the soy chunks.
Now heat enough oil in a pan to deep fry, when the oil is smoking hot, drop the masala coated soy chunks carefully into the hot oil.
Fry the soy chunks until golden brown in color and crisp, drain the soy chunks on a paper towel and serve hot with mint chutney and tomato ketchup.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prawn( Shrimp) Greens Thoran/ Era Keerai Poriyal

Prawn is a versatile seafood, prawn can be added to any recipes like fry, curry, thoran( poriyal) or to rice preparations. This Chettinad Prawn Keerai Poriyal is a popular dish, its a custom in our home to add prawns to any kinds of poriyal( thoran) or varuval( dry fry). Everyone from kids to adults love this side-dish, even adults or  kids who neglect eating greens( keerai) will love this greens preparation.
Prawn Greens stir fry
Prawns/ Shrimp- 250 gms( 1/2 pound) 
( small sized prawns are preferred, if medium sized prawns were available, cut each prawns into half)
Any type of Greens( Keerai)- 1 bunch
( we can use ponnanganni keerai, palak( spinach), arai keerai, mulai keerai etc)
Onions medium( sliced)- 1
Red chilli powder- 1 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil- 2 tsp
Mustard seeds/ Vadagam- 1 tsp
Shredded fresh coconut- 1/4 cup

Prawn Keerai Thoran( Poriyal)
Heat oil in a pan, when oil is hot add the mustard seeds/ vadagam and allow to crackle. 
Now add the chopped onions and fry until onion turns light color.
Next add prawns and fry until prawns become pale in color. 
Now add the chopped greens, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and required salt. 
Add 1/4 cup of water to the pan and cover the pan with lid. 
Reduce the heat and cook the greens until tender.
When the greens are cooked, increase the heat, add the shredded coconut and fry until the greens are dry. Serve hot with steamed rice or roti.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Potato Fry Chettinad

Baby Potato Fry Chettinad Style
Baby potatoes- 250 gms
Onion medium( chopped)- 2 nos
Garlic cloves crushed- 4
Curry leaves- few
Kashmiri Red chilli powder- 1 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Oil- 2 tbsp

For masala powder
( roast and grind the below ingredients to fine powder)
Pepper corns- 1 tsp
Cumin seeds- 1 tsp
Fennel seeds/ Sombu- 1 tbsp

Chettinad Potato fry
Boil the baby potatoes until tender, peel the skin and set aside.
In a sauce pan heat oil, when oil is hot add the mustard seeds and allow to crackle.
Add the chopped onions, crushed garlic cloves and curry leaves, fry the onions until they turn brown.
Add the red chilli powder, ground masala powder and turmeric powder to the onions, fry for few more mins.
Add 1/4 cup of water to the frying onions and bring the mixture to boil. 
Add the boiled potatoes to the boiling onion mixture and season with salt.
Fry the potatoes on high heat until the water is absorbed and baby potatoes are dry.
Serve hot Chettinad potato fry with Rice or with Rotis.

(Note: I used kashmiri red chilli powder for giving gorgeous color to the recipe, you can also use normal red chilli powder.)

South Indian Prawn Fry/ Era Varuval.

Prawn Fry

Prawns/ Shrimp- 500 gms( 1 pound)
Onion large( chopped)- 5 nos
Red chilli powder- 2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Salt- 1 1/4 tsp( or as required)
Oil- 4 tbsp

Era Varuval
Remove shell, devein prawns, wash and set aside.
Heat oil in pan, when oil is hot add the onions and fry onions till brown.
Next add the prawns, red chilli powder, turmeric powder and salt to the frying onions.
Sauté for few mins, cover pan with lid and cook prawns for two mins on medium heat.
Remove the lid, increase the heat and fry the prawn and onion mixture until browned and dry.
Shrimp Fry

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cream of Mushroom Soup.

This homemade cream of mushroom soup is a quick and simple soup which can prepared in 10 mins, its rich and creamy texture makes everyone to fall in love with it....

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup
White button mushrooms( thickly sliced)- 1 packet
White pepper powder- required
Nutmeg powder- few pinches
Cream- 1/4 cup
Salt to taste
Butter- 2 tbsp

Ingredients for white sauce( Basic white sauce recipe)
Butter- 4 tbsp
All purpose flour/ Maida- 4 tbsp
Milk- 3 cups( at room temperature)

Cream Of Mushroom Soup
In a heavy bottom sauce pan heat 4 tbsp butter.
When butter starts melting add flour and fry flour for few secs on medium heat( make sure the flour is not burned).
When flour smell rises start adding milk slowly and whisk continuously until smooth and semi thick sauce is formed. Remove pan from heat and set aside.
In another sauce pan heat 2 tbsp butter, when butter starts melting add the sliced mushrooms and sauté for few secs and set aside.
Now add the sautéed mushroom to the prepared white sauce, season with nutmeg powder, white pepper powder and salt. Return pan to heat and adjust soup thickness by adding cream and more milk, check the seasoning. 
When soup starts to boil, transfer hot soup to bowls and serve.
Mushroom Soup

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paneer Fried Rice( Indo Chinese recipe)

This is a restaurant style fail-safe Paneer Fried Rice recipe, excellent main course for all occasions.
Paneer Fried Rice
Paneer( Indian cottage cheese)- 250 gms
Basmati rice( cooked)- 4 cups
Capsicum( Green Bell Pepper) medium size( thinly sliced)- 1 no
Onion( white) medium size( thinly sliced)- 1 no
Garlic cloves( minced)- 4 nos
Ajinomoto/ MSG- few pinches
White pepper powder- required
Salt- required
Oil- to deep fry
Butter- 2 tbsp

Indo Chinese Paneer Fried Rice
Cut the paneer into bite sized cubes, deep fry paneer pieces in hot oil until golden brown and set aside.
In a large wok heat 2 tbsp butter, when butter starts melting add garlic, onions and capsicum, toss well on high heat for few secs.
Next add the cooked rice, fried paneer pieces to the wok. Season with ajinomoto, white pepper powder and salt.
Toss everything well until Paneer, vegetable and rice are well blended
( make sure not to break the rice). 
Remove fried rice on to a plate.
Serve hot Paneer fried rice with Gobi Manchurian or with Chilli Paneer.
Restaurant Style Paneer Fried Rice

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Indian Masala Pasta( Spicy)

Masala Pasta


Pasta/ Macaroni- 200 gms( Any variety can be used, I used fusilli and elbow)
Onion large( thinly sliced)- 1 no
Capsicum/ Bell pepper large( thinly sliced)- 1 no
Tomato medium( thinly sliced)- 2 nos
Ginger and Garlic paste- 1 tbsp
Red chilli powder- 1 tsp
Garam masala powder- 2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil- 2 tbsp
Water required

Spicy Indian Pasta/ Macaroni

Cook pasta until tender as per the instruction on the box carton.
Heat oil in a sauce pan, when oil is hot add the sliced onion and sauté till the onions turn brown. Add the ginger- garlic paste and saute until the raw smell of the paste leaves. 
Now add the capsicum slices and sauté for a minute.  
Add the sliced tomatoes, stir fry and cook until the tomatoes are mashed. 
Add the red chilli powder, Garam masala powder, turmeric powder and required salt. 
Fry for few seconds and sprinkle couple of tbsp of water to get a light sauce. 
Now add the cooked pasta and toss well so that the masala is well blended with pasta. 
Serve hot pasta as it is or with raita of your choice.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Idli Upma/ Masala Idli

Masala Idli

Idli- 6 nos
Red chilli powder- 1 tsp
Cumin powder- 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder- 1 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Lemon juice- 1 tsp
Water- 1 tbsp
Whole red chilli- 4 nos
Curry leaves- few
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Urad dal- 1 tsp

Idli Upma
Cut each idli into bite size cubes.
In a bowl add red chilli powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, salt, lemon juice and water, whisk the ingredients together.
Add the idli cubes to the whisked masala paste, mix well and marinade idli pieces for 5 mins.
Heat oil in a pan when hot add mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves and whole red chilli,. When the mustard seeds crackle add the marinated idli cubes and stir fry for 3 mins or until idli cubes are roasted well. Serve hot Masala idli with Coconut chutney.