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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mighty Pops - Silicone Ice Pop Makers

What is your favorite treat during summer? For me it’s always popsicle. I love the frozen fruity and candy flavor pops, so used to buy bags and bags of popsicle from supermarkets during summer.
But now a days I’m concerned about buying pops from supermarkets for my little one are they healthy? what about quality etc.

So here comes my savior and partner in making homemade ice pops it’s called "Mighty Pops" these are beautiful silicon ice pop makers which are BPA free and dish washer safe.

There are 6 big silicon ice pop makers in each box, you can make many varieties of homemade ice pops with juices, fruit purees, yogurt, soda, peanut butter, chocolates etc. There are also 3 great recipe ideas in each carton if you are running short of ideas.
I tried their berry, banana and yogurt pops and it turned out great and it was as easy as piece of cake to make the ice pops with "Mighty pops" silicone molds.
Moreover you can send these homemade ice pops in the same attractive colorful molds for kids lunch box.

Want to try these Mighty pops silicone molds at
And like them at their Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to know more about this amazing product.

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Priya Suresh said...

wow pops moulds sounds interesting.