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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pepper Paneer- Indo Chinese recipe

This is a Restaurant Style Indo Chinese Pepper Paneer recipe. Creamy paneer cubes coated with soy sauce and then tossed with crunchy black pepper and chilli flakes. Serve this delicious Paneer Pepper Fry as starter or with fried rice, noodles or can be used as filling for spring rolls and Frankie.

Pepper Paneer Recipe
Paneer( Indian cottage cheese)- 250 gms
Onion medium( minced)- 2 nos
Onion small( diced and peeled into layers)- 1 no
Green onion/ scallions- 3 nos
Garlic cloves( minced)- 3 nos
Ginger and Garlic paste-1 tsp
Ginger( minced)- 1/2" piece
Dark Soy sauce- 1 tsp
Tomato sauce- 1 tsp
Ajinomoto- 1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil- 3 tbsp
Whole red chilli- 3 nos
Black pepper corns- 1 tsp( +/- to taste)
Paneer Pepper Indo Chinese
Cut paneer into tiny cubes. Cut the green parts of spring onions into 1/2" pieces and mince the onion bulbs. Fry both red chilli and black pepper in 1/2 tsp oil until crisp, drain and set aside. Pound both red chilli and black pepper coarsely in a mixer and set aside.
Heat rest of oil in a pan when hot add minced onion, garlic, ginger and minced spring onion bulbs. Add ginger and garlic paste and fry for few secs. Add the paneer, tomato sauce, soy sauce, ajinomoto and salt to taste, stir fry paneer for few seconds. Finally add the diced onion peels, coarsely crushed chilli and black pepper to the pan and toss well. Garnish with spring onion greens and serve hot.
Paneer Pepper Fry


Priya said...

Irresistible and inviting pepper paneer.

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

Looks super tempting...Love paneer in any form

Priya R said...

looks absolutely delicious and yum

Zarina said...

What can be substituted for paneer, as I hate paneer due to the high fat content.

Mythreyi Dilip said...

@Zarina: You can use Tofu( Soya paneer) which is lower in fat content or you can use any chunky veggies to make it much more healthier.