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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Papadum Express - Oil Free Microwave Papadum Maker

Papadum Express - Microwave Papadum Maker
I'm fan for crunchy Papadums and papads from my childhood. I stack deep fried papadums and can munch on them whole day. After becoming health and weight conscious I was not able to indulge in the pleasure of munching crispy papadums. Did the makers of Papadum Express heard my mind.....
Ta ta da….here comes the papad lovers savior the " Papadum Express - Microwave Papadum Maker " you can cook several crispy, crunchy and tasty papadums in a minute in microwave. No more kitchen tantrums of heating oil in deep fryer, deep frying papads and spluttering oil around the stove.

Papadum Express product is made with durable ( very strong) non-toxic plastic which is BPA free, bisphenol A free and phthalates free, meaning product is food safe and safe for microwave.
Papadum Express Microwave Papadum Maker

The tray is well designed and the sticks are detachable for easy storage, when I made papadum I just snug fit those sticks in the spaces provided in the tray, stacked 3 papadums and 2 pepper papads left some gap in-between ( but you can stack upto 10 to 8 papadums at a time )and micro-waved for a minute.

Once crunchy and crispy papadums cooked, I waited for 10 seconds and enjoyed tasty Papadums with my meal. Next time I’m planning to cook hard Taco shells and warm khakras with Papadum Express.
Papadum Express Review
If you are also interested and want to enjoy healthy, guilt free and oil free crunchy Papadums head to their Papadum Express Website and to their Facebook page. They ship the product Worldwide.
Papadum Express

*The cooking time and results of the product may vary depending on the type of papadums and papad you are using and also on the microwave model, power and country made. So please read the instruction pamphlet carefully given along with product.


Hamaree Rasoi said...

Very useful stand to make popadum that too oil free.

Kathy Mcarthy said...

This is very interesting! I have been eating papadums for a few years now, but, never thought this was a possibility. You are right, if this healthy, then it's a good thing after all. Aussie made too. That's nice to see. Lovely info. thanks.

Prak Dutt said...

Jai hind! I am new in Wolongong, originally from Pune and this is exactly what I have been looking for. Your Blog is so interesting, the fried rice looked yummo. but this is fantastic. The Indians are going to go biserk with papadum express, when they come across this amazing invention and all these pics.

divya said...

wow...very nice...

Derek Powazek said...

Cool papadum tray. Wow! I would really enjoy owning this, as I am eating papadums all the time. Tell me, how were those papadums after you cooked them in the papadum express? were they tasty? you have no oil? so how did they just cook, like this so crispy. was it difficult, did you have turn them around and all. if not, this machines mine sooner than later!

PapadumExpress Tray said...

Hi there Mye's Kitchen.

Thank you for a wonderful review!!
We are so glad you enjoyed the Papadum Express experience! Your Papads look very crisp n' crunchy to all of us over here and the pics are wonderful. Good Job!

we are a 100% Australian company, making the best Papadum tray in the world.

The Papadum Express is truly fastest, cleanest, healthiest way to microwave cook Papadums. Period!

Thanks again ..
From the Papadum Express team, here in Sydney.

Jonathan Park said...

Food made easy. Love it. What a bloody great idea!!! It is true, that papads can be oily and thats the main reason mum avoids making them for my dad. He is going to love this, when i get him this papadum express. Perfect gift comin up.. good blog, very good info. thank you

Robin Purvis said...

This has got to be the coolest way one makes papadums. If the papadum Express is as good as this review says it is, then I am stoked at what this does for millions of papadum eating anglo saxons, like myself. Brisbane has a lot of Indian restaurants and over the years I always wondered, how these papadums were made and this blog has just demystified the whole process for me. Thanks for that. and looking forward to cooking these at home in the microwave shortly. Will order one too, as we should also support Aussie goods and services. Always a food worthy read, this blog.

Adam Smith said...

So when you cooked papadums in the papadum express, you did not use one bit of oil? not a drop or a finger full etc. I am so surprised by that! because I am excited if this works without oil or butter. I always use oil, that's why this is such a shock too.

Sandra D said...

What a nifty tray, this is. Very surprised nobody had thought of this before. Looks like we'll have to place this Papadum Express on our list of presents this year. I am Mauritian by decent and my husband is South African who loves his Indian food. He is always banging on about cooking papads and this Papadum Express will make it easy for even him to make'em. Great introduction to us all here. very good.

Sandra C.

Sam Dennis said...

Hi friends. I am back. I read about the tray here and then I bought the papadum express tray and I am here to inform everybody that this was truly a surprising fulfilling money well spent experience. The tray works better than I thought, and now my daughter wants one too. the quality as reported here was superior and really nice design too. It's been a long time, since I have supported anything with a write-up anywhere, but the papadum express was worth writing about as it is a great buy and i am so happy with it's results and Australian quality. so thank, you here and a good kudos to papadum express.Re' Sam from Madison