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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mushroom Maggi Noodles

Mushroom Maggi Noodles Recipe
Another exciting maggi noodles recipe with sauteed mushroom and bell pepper.

Button White Mushroom- 200 gms
Maggi Masala Noodles- 3 packet
Onion small minced- 1 no
Capsicum/ Bell pepper small( chopped)- 1 no
Ginger( minced)- 1 tsp
White pepper powder and Salt- if required
Oil- 1 tsp

Maggi Noodles Recipe
Clean and slice the button mushrooms.
Heat oil in a sauce pan when oil is hot add minced onion, ginger and chopped capsicum, saute for few seconds. Next add the sliced mushrooms and saute for few more secs. Add water to the sauce pan as per maggi masala noodles packet instructions  Bring the water to boil, add the maggi masala noodles tastemaker and mix well. Now  break each maggi noodles cake into four and add it to the boiling masala water( if required season with salt and white pepper). Stir well the noodles, reduce the heat, cover the pan and cook noodles for 2 minutes or until semi dry. Serve hot.


Priti S said...

Comfort meal ...looks nice

arun tudu said...

yummy combinations