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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to fight against Plagiarism- Helpful information and tips for the bloggers.

Is your Content or Post has been Copied or Plagiarized.
Here are few helpful information on how to fight against plagiarism and to protect your copyright.

First of all not only plagiarizing is copyright voilation, even copying your content and reproducing with fewer modifications with out the owners permission and not giving due credit to the owner is copyright voilation.

Send a e-mail to the person who copied your content and request them to either remove your content or acknowledge for the same.

If the person removed your content or acknowledge for the same it is well and good. What if they refuse, you can do the following.....

1.According to US law all the content produced are immediately copyrighted to the owner and need not be copyrighted separately.

2.Find the contact details of the website owner using Whois services. 

3.Send a formal Cease and Desist letter.

4.File a notice of Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement with Google or Yahoo to have the offending site removed from their search results.

5.Also contact the web hosting company used by the site and inform them about their customer abuse.

6.If at all, your going to file a lawsuit against the company(website) and owners of the company you can file a law suit under 17 U.S.C Section 101 and under Section 504(c)(2) for the damages.
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Many times my Posts and Contents had been victimized by plagiarists, I had fought against these plagiarists and won with above helpful information. You can click this link for my story against plagiarist.

If you are a victim of plagiarism and need more help, please feel free to drop a e-mail at so i could help you in some way.


Padhu said...

Thank you Mythreyi for this useful information .Even I have been affected by Plagiarism several times.Mostly my content have been copied .I have not done anything for that as I do not know what to do .I have bookmarked this page . Thanks a lot

Priya said...

Very useful and informative post, thanks for sharing Mythreyi..

Hamaree Rasoi said...

That a very helpful post. Many a times we just don't know what to do against Plagiarism

Hamaree Rasoi

Shriram Venkatachalapathy said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the information Mythreyi. I have been severely affected by plagiarism and need your help fighting against the same. I shall send you a detailed email about what happened and the steps I have taken in this regard with a little help from the Internet. Since you have been triumphant fighting the battle of plagiarism, I request your guidance in claiming my rights.

Swasthi Blank said...

Thanks a tons and hugs for this valuable info.