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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My war against Plagiarism- How to fight against Plagiarism.

Recent Update
On 9-June-2011, administrator of the plagiarizing website contacted me requesting to remove my protest post against their website, in turn offered to resolve all the issues.
In his mail, he mentioned that I have placed baseless allegations against them. I responded to him with all the proof of my recipes being copied by them in their website and iphone applications and pointed out that the rude communications started from their side.
In response to this he has apologized and removed my recipes from his Website and iphone applications.

This is certainly a victory for my fight against plagiarists. This should be an encouragement to all. 
Fight against plagiarism !!!

Details about that plagiarising website, screen shots of my recipes being plagiarized in their website, original posts and copied posts links and communications with that plagiarizing website are available. Anyone who wishes to take a peek at it, please feel free to drop a e-mail at for the details.

Earlier Post
How did i found out my recipe had been copied, as always i googled for my unique recipes whether they had been copied by others. And found out that my "Indo-chinese style chilly fish stir fry" recipe, my "Fish bajji" recipe, my "Paneer and peas chettinad chukka" recipe and my "Homestyle Fish curry recipe" had been copied by this website. I had sent a mail to the admin notifying my recipe had been copied by them and requested them to either remove my content or acknowledge me for the same. 
But all i received was a irresponsible and insulting mail from them saying that i cannot legally sue them.

I had spent 2 days browsing their entire site thoroughly and found that many more recipes had been plagiarised from other blogs and sites and reproduced by them. I had notified many bloggers regarding their recipe being copied by this particular website. 

I was not able to get the contact details of this particular website to file DMCA complaint or to file law suit against them. I scrutinized and found that they were registered with Hence i filed a copyright claim with stating that this particular website had infringed my copyrights. As the domainbyproxy contacted them regarding the copyright violation, now this website has modified my Paneer and peas chukka recipe, Fish curry recipe and Fish Bajji/Fritters recipe. But i have the screen shots to prove that my recipe being copied in this particular website before the administrator had modified them.

If a question rises in your mind- Why do i need to publish my recipes on the blog and why do i need to fight against plagiarists and go through all these hassels?
There are many visitors around the world who are enjoying my recipes, preparing them at home and getting appreciation for the same. I'm very happy to share my knowledge about food and recipes to everyone. Not for the plagiarists who takes me for granted. All i need is, if you enjoy my recipes, feel its worth and want to share the same in your sites ask permission and acknowledge me for the same.

Please do support me to fight against plagiarizing websites

                       Click this link to find out detailed information on                             How to fight against Plagiarism. 


Dan said...

1. You should be flattered.
2. What about asking them to just attribute the recipe to you (e.g., inspired by / based on...).
3. Recipes aren't really subject to the same copyright - see

? said...

Mythreyi, you might want to read another fellow blogger's experience; It was 'Ginger and Mango' blog. Remember her going thru a similar incident.

Arundhuti said...

Hi Mythreyi,

I can understand your situation and feelings about this entire situation. I too went through the same when The Times of India copied a photo from my blog and published it. They are shameless enough to edit my copyright information on the photo before putting in on print. I wrote numerous mails to them, even sent mails to the 2 correspondents who did this. I didnot receive a single word of reply from them. So, I know exactly how angry and frustrated you must be feeling. Plagiarish looks like a disease without a cure. We bloggers hardly have the means to stop it.

Cheer up dear. Don't let your spirits go down because of these thieves.


Shama Nagarajan said...

Feeling very bad about it dear.....shameless act....

Abhilash Pillai said...

they are everywhere... from Chinese iphones to :)

You can write a note on your blog... plagiarists not entertained :)

Nice to see you back.

Priya said...

Wat a shameless act, am with u..dont leave this issue that much easily..we have to stop it.

Indian Cuisine Blogroll said...

Way to go Mythreyi..I don't know much about the law, but wish you good luck in the fight..

Ramya said...

Shameless Ppl...We put a lotta hard work and they easily lift them up..
Recently Ive been hearing a lotta plagiarism in the blogs..But feeling very sad that we r not able to do anyhting fruitful against this and such kind of shameless acts continue...We bloggers are with you!!

Happy Cook said...

I dont understand why people do this. Looks like they have copied a lot of your recipes.
It is a pity lot of time we blogers are the victim.