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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maggi Noodles with Vegetables and Egg.

Maggi Noodles/ Instant Ramen Noodles-2pack
Scrambled Eggs-3
Onion small( sliced)-1
Mixed Vegetables-1cup( Carrot, Cabbage, Bell pepper, French beans etc)
Red chilly powder-1tsp
Soy sauce-1/2tsp

Heat 1tsp of oil in a pan, add the onions and mixed vegetables. Saute for 5 mins, when the veggies are 3/4th cooked, season them with red chilly powder, curry powder, soy sauce and noodles taste makers. Add 2cups of water to the veggies and bring to boil, break noodles into four pieces and add it to the boiling vegetable mixture. Cook for 2 mins until noodles are well cooked and dry. Finally add the scrambled eggs and toss the noodles well. Serve hot.


Devi Meyyappan said...

it looks yummmy!!, very nice :)

Balakrishna Saraswathy said...

Yummy looking noodles:)

Ramya said...

love noodles//Awesome click!!Looks yummy

Aps said...

I love them :)

Priya said...

Droolworthy noodles, yummmm!!

Faiza Ali said...

Yummy noodles..nice recipe.

Shri said...