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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Roti Halwa/ Double Roti Ka Halwa/ Bread Halwa

Double Roti Ka Halwa/ Roti Halwa
Medium bread slice packet/ Loaf of bread sliced- 1 no
Whole milk- 1 liter
Condensed milk- 1 cup
Sugar- 1 cup( add or reduce amount to taste)
Ghee- 1/4 cup
Elaichi/ Green Cardamom powder- 1/4 tsp
Fried cashewnuts- handful

Bread Halwa
Toast the bread slices in oven until crunchy and lightly browned.
Powder toasted bread slices like bread crumbs in a mixer grinder or blender.
Boil milk in a sauce pan, add sugar and stir the milk till the sugar is completely dissolved. Add condensed milk and elaichi powder to the boiling milk. Stir milk well, now add powder bread, mix well so no lumps are formed and cook the bread in milk mixture on low heat. When the milk is fully absorbed by the bread and the bread mixture is semi dry, add the ghee to the bread mixture. Cook till the ghee seprates from the bread halwa and garnish with fried cashew nuts.

Note: to make the process simple you can also use powdered rusk slices or bread crumbs instead of bread loaf.


Saraswathi Iyer said...

Looks tempting and delicious. Nice click. Please remove the comment moderation, some words are not clear to type. Thanks. Sara

ramya anand said...

Easy dessert recipe..

Priya said...

Super delicious halwa,irresistible.

hungryfoodphotography said...

Hey Mythreyi,
You know what? I tried to make this 2 times before (finally) successfully pleased my family.
But it is worth the hard work. LOL.
Anyway, thank you for making me look like a professional. :)
Hey, if you don’t mind, you can submit your Halwa Bread photos to to make others hungry.
You know it’s fun to make others hungry. Especially when they are so hungry they finally want to create your recipe. :)
It is worth the try. :)