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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sunbeam GoLunch Food Warmer - Product Review.

I'm great fan of Sunbeam appliances and I was so excited to try their new GoLunch Portable Food Warmer. This great product helps to have hot foods at office, at home or where ever power is available. No need of microwave or stove, all we need to do is plugin this compact lunch warmer then "Fill, Heat and Eat".

GoLunch portable food warmer has power base to heat the food, the power base is stylish in design, available in variety of colors and it is so compact with carry on handle. It has a 700ml removable stainless steel container with a leak proof lid and small pull-up handle. 
It is a best way to reheat food. Food is slowly heated for 2 hours up-to optimum eating temperature of 75°c where food is safe to be consumed and also without loss of nutrients and maintains right temperature for hours.

GoLunch food warmer was great for my hubby to carry to his office, it was so easy for him to use, he placed food inside container, covered it with leak proof lid and twisted outer lid and turned on power base. Moreover he did not queue up before microwave during lunch time waiting in hunger, as hot meal was ready in his desk.

Being stay at home mom GoLunch was very useful for me, every day we have curry for dinner with noodles, rice or nan, all I had to do was reheat curry (which I had prepared earlier in) GoLunch and while food was perfectly heating I spent quality time with my family. It is also great for reheating food for one person, I use it daily to reheat rice, soup, curry, pasta and noodles and everything was perfect. I would highly recommend Sunbeam GoLunch to all my friends and family, it’s a great product for everyone and every home.


hiru said...

hello mythreyi,

this seems like an interesting product...where do you think i could buy this in india?...

i surfed the internet about this and i got NOTHING!!!... :(

Mythreyi Dilip said...

Hi Hiru, unfortunately this Sunbeam product is not available in India. It's available only in Australia.